Brandon Pollock

… is a seasoned voice actor from Charlotte, NC, where he lends his distinctive voice to a diverse range of commercial campaigns and audiobook narrations. With a career spanning over a decade in the industry, Brandon has become a trusted voice for major brands such as Clorox, Citgo, Intel, Nintendo, Louisiana Hot Sauce, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and NASCAR, among others. His captivating voice brings life to advertising campaigns, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impression.

In addition to his commercial work, Brandon is also a prolific audiobook narrator, with credits in the fiction and non-fiction genres. Through his narration, he transports listeners into captivating worlds and illuminates complex ideas with clarity and depth.

Before his success in voice acting, Brandon spent 13 years in the radio industry in Charlotte, NC, where he excelled as an on-air talent, program director, and production director. His experience in radio not only provided a strong foundation for his career in voice acting but also honed his skills in storytelling, communication, and audio production, which he continues to apply in his current roles.

Beyond his work in voice acting, Brandon is also an accomplished film producer. He boasts 14 years of experience bringing stories to life on the silver screen. His dedication to filmmaking has led to the creation of memorable and impactful cinematic experiences.

When not in the booth or on set, Brandon is a devoted family man, celebrating 14 years of marriage and raising two daughters, Brynley (10) and Ella Claire (7). His professional and personal passion for storytelling shines through in all aspects of his life.

Whatever your project, budget, or creative needs are, connect with Brandon to experience the power of his voice and storytelling expertise. 

Rates: Every project has a budget, and every job is different. Fill out “Let’s Connect” for a quote or audition.

For a complete list of industry-standard rates, visit The Global Voice Acting Academy’s Rate Guide.

*I believe there is the right voice for every project; if I’m not, I’d be happy to help you find that person. I know some of the best talent and would be glad to assist.

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