Available Now – “Stay Here: Uncovering God’s Plan to Restore Your Mental Health”

What was once a topic barely discussed in private circles, much less in the public space, Mental Health is finally getting the attention it deserves. There’s no question that mental health should be considered, sought after, and encouraged as much as nutritional and physical health is. Yet, it’s something we are often afraid to discuss for fear of what others might think or say. 

Perhaps it’s pride? A misunderstanding of what truly matters in this life? It could be something else entirely. However, whatever keeps us from seeking the help we need should be immediately removed from our thought process. The reason is that everyone, if they are honest, has the same thoughts and feelings. Insecurity, trauma, fear, depression, anxiety, and the thoughts/experiences that helped create them may be specifically different for each person, but the effects are the same. Once we allow ourselves the opportunity to be vulnerable and share our feelings with others, we realize we’re not alone and learn from others how to deal with them. 

It was an honor to be chosen to read Jacob Coyne’s beautiful plea to every person to “Stay Here” and not give in to the isolating effects of mental health. 

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Publisher’s Summary 

Please stay. The world is so much better with you in it.

Every forty seconds, someone takes his or her life. Anxiety, depression, and suicide are at all-time highs—and they’re stealing our sons, daughters, friends, and spouses.


With tender passion and bold hope, Jacob Coyne, founder of Stay Here, infuses life into the dark corners of mental health. Giving hurting souls a reason to live, he shows not only how Jesus brings life to the full, but also how anyone—regardless of their past or pain—can find healing, including how to attack our anxiety and calm our storms; defeat depression and live with a sound mind; overcome intrusive suicidal thoughts and enjoy life; and transform pain, trauma, suicidal thoughts, and addictions into purpose.

It’s okay to not be okay—but you don’t have to stay that way.


It’s time to shine the hope of Christ into the darkness and witness His love transform broken souls into living, breathing signs to live.


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