Perpetual by Brian Huey – Available on Audible NOW

I’m so proud to be able to share this book with you. Author Brian Huey had been working with Narrator Adam Naranjo on this incredible multi-book series called “Perpetual.” 

Brian explained the situation that he was in, and I was more than happy to help.

Adam, a brilliant narrator with 40+ credits to his name, had completed 98% of the 3rd book when he went missing. Adam lived in Poland and decided to help the people of Ukraine after the Russian invasion in 2022.  He has not been heard from since August 2022.

I hope you will join me in praying for Adam, his safe return, and his family as they search for answers. 

Adam’s work on this series is some of the best I’ve heard, and I was honored to pick up where he left off and finish “Perpetual: Abduction.” 

You will love these books if you’re a fan of fast-moving thrillers with incredible characters. Here’s a link to “Perpetual: Abduction” on Audible.

More information on Author Brian Huey and The Perpetual series can be found at

Visit Adam’s website to learn more about the incredible work he’s been a part of. 

Publisher’s Summary

Malicious nemeses continue to plot against Matthew and Maria as they race toward destiny.

Book three sets in place the pieces of a puzzling mosaic.

With an extrasensory gift for finding evidence and unraveling clues, Maria focuses on the files of murdered college students. All the while, Matthew advances his studies in law and science as he struggles to solve the mystery of the most significant quantum energy quest in history.

The ghosts of Cracker Jack, the three dead crows, Matthew’s nefarious brother, and the Jobrani Maher brothers confound the sharpest law enforcement minds. Does Chief Tanner have the answers? Is Estebanez MIA? Will Agent Flannigan fail again? Who is Alex Scofield? Who is Francis O’Connell? Who is stalking Penelope? Time is running out as the hours click away.

The third book in the Perpetual series trolls through the hooking plots of the first two installments. Once again, Matthew’s and Maria’s lives encounter chaos. Perpetual Abduction reels you in toward a heart-wrenching end.the mutli